My 5 year old son is very angry and I feel guilty to punish him .

My 5 year old son is very angry and I feel guilty to punish him ... When my 5 year old son is angry, I give him a little spanking and then I lock him in his room. It does not help much and in addition I feel guilty. What do you think? Simone A., Paris Claude Halmos Psychoanalyst answers Children who are angry "repeatedly" are often children who refuse the limits because they do not understand - for lack of sufficient explanation - that in life, there is always, and for everyone (even for grown-u

Interview with the child psychiatrist Patrice Huerre

"You do not work enough, your average is insufficient, no diploma, we do nothing ..." These little sentences keep children in a state of stress and are totally counter-productive, warns Patrice Huerre, child psychiatrist. Psychiatrist of hospitals, Patrice Huerre is a specialist in adolescents, coordinator of the Hauts-de-Seine House project.

When drawing becomes mirror

I has been drawing with a Fine Arts teacher for three years, in a group, but he is not a therapist. However, thanks to this hobby, I can find myself deep within myself. Gradually, the blank page becomes a real message of my suffering or my deep desires. These colorful messages allow me to reflect, to analyze .

François Le Doze: The Internal Family Systems restores our inner unity

How to know if his self has regained his position of leadership, if he is again master at edge? François Le Doze: The progressive abandonment of extreme behaviors, limiting beliefs, the proper regulation of emotions are the hallmark of a self liberated. The person feels a sense of inner unity, is able to draw on himself the resources she needs, and to relate to others in the same way as with her parts: by showing compassion, of curiosity and benevolence.

Homeopathy: Solutions for Better Stress Management

Tell me how you feel and I'll tell you how to fix it. Because we all have different reactions to stress, homeopathy provides a personalized response for all of us. Albert-Claude Quemoun, vice-president of the French Society of Homeopathy, sheds light on us. Charline Vergne Stress is the manifestation of our adaptation to an emotion, an external element which, according to each one, will provoke a depression or an excitement.

Beatrice: Making Illness Work for You

Reclaiming one's body, mourning the past: breast cancer was, for Beatrice, a painful ordeal for more than one title. Today, 53 years old, she draws a positive assessment of this disease which allowed her to better understand herself and to move forward. Véronique Deiller "" We often underestimate how much writing, but also painting, can help.